Special Loads Request(SLR) Form

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Thank you in advance for submitting your SLR. Please note that any missing or inaccurate information might delay our ability to respond efficiently.

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NOTE: Only when multiple pieces of the same dimension and weight are planned, the use of single entry (1 Item) is allowed, othrwise: You must enter the dimensions and weights for each proposed item (Piece) of cargo by clicking Add button below:
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Frangible Cargo (Applicable to 747F with Tall Ridged Cargo – TRC only )  

Description Of Shipment  

Special Handling Requirements, to include footprint, attach/lift points, required equipment, etc.


In order to provide you a faster response we recommend clear photos, legible technical drawings, document(s) or file(s) that will help confirm the overall dimensions and details of your propose cargo. File size limit is 10MB A maximum 10 files can be uploaded. File types must be one of the following: txt, csv, pdf, xls, doc, docx, xlsx, pptx, jpg, jpeg, png, jfif, tif, psd, ai, indd, raw, ppt
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